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Cellulose Butterfly Mop


HOMEMAID® Cellulose Butterfly Style Sponge Floor Mop "$11.69 Each" ▪ Large Super Absorbent (9.50 x 3.25 x 1.25) Dual-Layered Cellulose Polyester Sponge, Designed for Greater Absorbency and Water Retention ▪ Floors Dry Cleaner and Faster ▪ Easy On-H...
Only:  $11.69
Case Price:  $63.13
Cellulose Butterfly Mop Refill


HOMEMAID® Cellulose Butterfly Mop Refill "$4.49 Each" ▪ Quick & Easy Change Replacement Refill Sponge ▪ Large Super Absorbent (9-1/2 x 3-1/4 x 1-1/4) Dual-Layered Cellulose Polyester Sponge, Design for Greater Absorbency and Water Retention ▪ Floor...
Only:  $4.49
Case Price:  $48.50
"Pivoting Head" 10" Roller Mop


HOMEMAID® "Patented" Pivot Mop ▪ Great For Tight Spaces ▪ Durable 10" Foam Sponge Cleans and Dries Fast ▪ Scrubber Strip Removes Tough Dirt ▪ Vinyl Coated Metal Handle w/Swivel Hanger Cap ▪ Automatic No-Bend Wringing Action ▪ Safe For Non-Wax...
Only:  $15.59
Case Price:  $84.19
Rubbermaid Brute #6436 Roller Mop Refill...


Rubbermaid Brute 12" Yellow Cellulose Steel Roller Sponge Mop Replacement Head Refill "Special $12.95 Each", Rubbermaid #6436, RCP 6436 YEL (Rubbermaid 6436-00 Yel) Rubbermaid FG643600YEL, 6436YEL, RCP6436YEL ▪ Super Absorbent Yellow Cellulose Sponge ...
Only:  $12.95
Case Price:  $139.86
Rubbermaid Brute #6435 Steel Roller Spon...


Rubbermaid Brute 12" Cellulose Steel Roller Sponge Floor Mop "Special $24.98 Each", Rubbermaid #6435 (Rubbermaid 6435-00 Bronze) FG643500BRNZ, Rubbermaid Commercial Products Steel Roller Sponge Mop #6435, Rubbermaid RCP 6435 Bro ▪ Super Absorbent Yellow...
Only:  $24.98
Case Price:  $149.88
24" Straight Floor Squeegee


HOMEMAID® Heavy Duty Metal 24" Straight Floor Squeegee ▪ Heavy Steel Construction ▪ Rust Resistant Zinc Plated Finish ▪ Extremely Durable 3/16" x 2" x 24" Black 1 Piece Rubber Squeegee Blade With Medium Flexibility For Greater Control ▪ Oil & Gas...
Only:  $13.39
Case Price:  $24.11
#24 Cotton 4-Ply Cut-End Wet Mop Head (w...


HOMEMAID #24 Cotton Cut End Wet Mop Head "$4.99 Each" Natural 4-Ply Multi-Layered 100% Cotton Yarn String Mop #24 Mop Heads Come With Color Coded: Red 5" Wide Double Stitched Mesh Center Band For Use Segregation Excellent Absorbency & Liquid Retent...
Only:  $4.99
Case Price:  $53.89
Plastic Quick Change Mop


HOMEMAID® Plastic Quick Change Janitor Mopstick "$7.99 Each" ▪ 1" Heavy Duty Vinyl Coated Metal Mop Handle w/Swivel Hanger Cap ▪ Dimensions: (60" OAL) ▪ Made in U.S.A. ▪
Only:  $7.99
Case Price:  $43.15
Jaws Clamp Style Mop Stick, 1" x 60" Han...


Clamping Jaw Type Gripper Wet Mop Handle Complete With Heavy Duty 1" Diameter x 54" Length Vinyl Coated Metal Handle w/Swivel Hanger Cap (60" OAL) Made in U.S.A.
Only:  $9.95
Case Price:  $101.49
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