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Overstock Items

"Over Stock Special" (Medium) Finish Mop
"Big Savings 50% Off" HOMEMAID® Medium - Finish Mop w/Candy Stripe "$3.99 Each" ▪ Premium Striped Blue/White Loop-End Finishing Wet Mop Head (w/Green Bands, NB) ▪ Extremely Durable, High Quality 4-Ply Multi-Layered, Tight Twist, Striped Rayon/Polyester Synthetic Blend Yarn Is Absorbent With A Quick Release & Leaves Very Little Lint ▪ Medium Size (15 to 19 oz.) Looped End Mop Heads Come With Color Coded: Green 1-1/4" Double Stitched Narrow Center Band & Tailbands For Use Segregation ▪ Bar Tacked For Launderability ▪ HOMEMAID...
Only $3.99 
Case Price $47.88 
(Case Pack of 12 - 10% Discount, Save an additional:$0)

Rubbermaid Brute #6435 Steel Roller Sponge Mop "Special Limited Time Offer $24.98"
Rubbermaid Brute 12" Cellulose Steel Roller Sponge Floor Mop "Special $38.95 Each", Rubbermaid #6435 (Rubbermaid 6435-00 Bronze) FG643500BRNZ, Rubbermaid Commercial Products Steel Roller Sponge Mop #6435, Rubbermaid RCP 6435 Bro ▪ Super Absorbent Yellow Cellulose Sponge ▪ Heavy-Duty Steel Construction ▪ Made in U.S.A.
Only $38.95 
Case Price $210.33 
(Case Pack of 6 - 10% Discount, Save an additional:$23.37)

Rubbermaid Brute #6436 Roller Mop Refill "Special Offer $19.95 Each"
Rubbermaid Brute 12" Yellow Cellulose Steel Roller Sponge Mop Replacement Head Refill "Special $19.95 Each", Rubbermaid #6436, RCP 6436 YEL (Rubbermaid 6436-00 Yel) Rubbermaid FG643600YEL, 6436YEL, RCP6436YEL ▪ Super Absorbent Yellow Natural Cellulose Sponge ▪ Fits All HOMEMAID® 12" Roller Mops, Nexstep Ocedar Commercial #96212 & 96262, Rubbermaid Commercial Products Steel Roller Sponge Mop #6435 ▪ Quality Product Made in U.S.A.
Only $19.95 
Case Price $215.46 
(Case Pack of 12 - 10% Discount, Save an additional:$23.94)

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